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Hope Impact

Hope Impact was born from a desire to serve others and the realization that hope is a strength that calls us forward -- change is possible. That hope is blended with gifts, abilities and training to offer one on one life coaching, educational workshops, and services to organizations.

Camilla Swain

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Hope Impact's founder and director, Camilla Swain, is a mother of three. She has a Master's degree from the University of Southern Indiana and a Bachelor's degree from Taylor University.

Her experience includes staff and volunteer positions with churches and non-profit organizations (primarily education and those focused on children and families), international teaching, and a career spanning over 20 years as a community college professor.

In addition to her formal degrees, Camilla has over 150 hours of training in trauma-informed parenting, trauma-informed education, and the impact of trauma on the brain.

Camilla is drawn to problem solving with out of the box ideas and solutions. She has experience walking beside individuals, families, and organizations as they seek to navigate change and move forward. Her approach is part educational, part nurturing, part coaching.

At the core, Camilla's heart is faith and family.